Clear, Simple, Straightforward.

No one really likes buying insurance – right?
And who can blame them?

you’re not really sure what’s covered

you’re tired of being left on hold when you call

your claim is rejected because of the small print

We don’t like that either,
So you’ll find:

our policies are clear, simple and straightforward and tell you exactly what is and what is not covered with no weasel words.

we're not a call centre, so you’ll speak directly to an experienced engineer who will offer friendly advice and help you if you need to make a claim.

we look for reasons to pay a claim, not to reject it.

That’s why over 92% of our claims are accepted.

OK, so we’re on your side, but is it for me?

Well if you’re

  • not worried about potential financial loss after a write off
  • never scratched an alloy or scufffed a bumper
  • happy to pay for repairs to keep your alloys and body work immaculate
  • never pick up a puncture

- then possibly not

However, if you want:

  • financial security in the event of a total loss
  • keep your car in immaculate condition
  • protect your insurance no claims bonus
  • replacement tyre even after a simple puncture

-  then you probably do

Take a couple of minutes to review the benefits of our cover in more detail. We’re sure you’ll be pleased you did well before you wish you had!

View our clear cover

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