Smart Care

Why should I buy Smart Care Cover?

Nothing beats that new car feeling. Pristine and unmarked.

Unfortunately, simply driving on our busy roads, maneuvering in cramped car parks or avoiding the pot holes are all part of our everyday driving. It might be a stone chip, someone carelessly opening a door or a brush with that high kerb that soon takes its toll on your cars appearance.

In the past you might have taken your car to the body shop or made an insurance claim. That can be expensive and time consuming. But with Smart Care, you don’t need to claim on your car insurance, repairs are carried out quickly, with the minimum of fuss and you won’t lose your motor insurance no-claims bonus. We think our Smart Care gives you the perfect solution.

SMART care is a ‘Small and Medium Area Repair Technique’ which uses the latest paint technology, alloy wheel refurbishment and specialised dent removal processes to restore your car to that showroom feel without the need for days away in the body shop. So don’t put up with annoying chips and dent, marks to the interior trim, scuffed bumpers or unsightly damaged wheels. All you do is pick up the phone and we will arrange for expert repairs.

Smart Care is the easy way to keep your car in immaculate condition, protect your insurance no claims bonus with the added advantage of maximising your car’s resale value when you’re ready the change.

This is what it does:

Professional repairs to vehicle body work:

Stone Chip
up to 5mm in diameter and 3mm in depth

up to 300mm in length, 3mm in depth and sit within two body panels

Minor Dent
up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm in depth

Bumper scuff
up to 300mm in diameter and 3mm in depth

Professional repairs to alloy wheels
Cosmetic repairs to kerbed, scratched or dented alloy wheels including Diamond and laser cut finishes

Professional repairs to interior trim
Cosmetic repairs to leather and velour upholstery, dashboard, consoles and trim.

Buying your cover couldn’t be more simple

Smart Care is available for new and used vehicles and offers 1, 2 and 3 year protection and with our 0% Easy Pay you can spread the cost into interest free manageable instalments.

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