Tyre Cover

Why should I buy Tyre Cover?

Whilst tyres aren’t the most exciting part of your new car they are pretty important.

You tend to take them for granted – until you have a puncture on the way to work or a blow out on the Motorway.

That’s when you find out how expensive they are to replace..

Even if it’s a simple puncture, many modern tyres won’t repair and ‘run flat’ tyres are designed not to be repaired, which could leave you with a bill of over £300.

And how many new cars actually have a spare wheel to fit if you do have a puncture?

This is what it does:

Tyre cover pays for the repair or replacement of up to 5 tyres during the period of cover.

It includes run flat tyres and replacement after the use of manufacturer foam repair kits.

Your cover also includes:

  • Labour charges
  • Balance and valve
  • Recovery contribution of £35 if required

Buying your cover couldn’t be more simple

Tyre Cover is available for new and used vehicles and offers 1, 2, and 3 year protection and with our 0% Easy Pay you can spread the cost into interest free manageable instalments.

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